3D brain anatomy

SpikeFun 0.77 - Unlocking the DigiCortex Power...

SpikeFun v0.77 brings the open and extensible XML-based project configuration system, allowing deep access to the neuronal simulation configuration as well as possibilities of extending and/or changing the simulation behavior. Furthermore, entire neuron library is now open and defined in XML models, allowing for many interesting experiments... click on the title to find out more!

SpikeFun 0.57 - DSI Axon Guidance, Multi-Site EEG, Experiments...

SpikeFun v0.57 has just been released and it is loaded with new features ranging from the new network generation algorithm all the way down to the new command line interface... click on the title to find out what's new!

SpikeFun 0.5 - Sleepy vs. (Really) Awake Brain...

As described in the previous post, SpikeFun v0.5 is using 3D brain model for neural network build-up (if desired). With quite a big jump in complexity of the neural network, there are some very interesting emerging phenomena that could be observed if the network is fairly large. Click on the title to find out more!

SpikeFun 0.5 - Let's get... brainy :-)

SpikeFun v0.5 has just been released and it contains some quite big improvements. How about real 3D model of the brain? If you are interested - click on the title to read more!

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