SpikeFun 1.16 - Bugfix for Big Haswell Processor Group Bug (>64 logical cores)

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Unfortunately, bugs happen. Some of the bugs can be very hard to track especially if they require access to "exotic" hardware - and by "exotic" we mean "exotic" for home use, on which most of the DigiCortex library is developed. The bug we are talking about manifests itself as a crash - but only on systems with more than 64 logical cores (more than one processor group in Windows 7 kernel terminology). Such systems were very rare to be found at your typical home, since they were almost exclusively 4S or 8S enterprise-grade servers. However, with the advent of 18-core Intel Haswell EP Xeons, it is now possible to have such system in a home "workstation" rig. And it is exactly this which triggered founding of the said nasty bug.

After the bug was detected, it did not take too long to fix - the fix is now part of DigiCortex 1.16 package, and the picture below shows DigiCortex engine taking the full advantage of 72 logical cores provided by dual Intel Xeon 2699 V3 setup.