Neural Network View à la "Blue Brain"

I've extended SpikeFun v0.36 to support rendering of the entire neural network, including synapses, in the similar style to "Blue Brain Project" visualizations. Please note that this type of visualization is considerably more resource-demanding when it comes to graphics (both memory and geometry-wise) so for the best results it is recommended to have faster discrete GPU. In addition, due to very high video RAM requirements it might happen that your graphics card cannot render networks above certain size (e.g. 64x64x64 neurons).

Following video shows how the visualization looks like with 260 thousand neurons and 50 million synapses:

The video looks best in 1080p (Full HD) due to very small details (synapses).

To test the "network visualization" you need SpikeFun v0.36 or higher - currently it is required to configure SpikeFun for this type of visualization from the command line. Just add /Wireframe parameter when starting SpikeFun - e.g.: SpikeFun.exe /Wireframe