SpikeFun 0.63 - Configurable Neurons, GPU Shaders, Variable Cortical Thickness, More AVX....

SpikeFun v0.63 has just been released... The key focus since v0.57 was put on more configurability and further performance optimization of simulation and rendering algorithmis. Here is the full list:

  • Support for external configuration and project files (please see .cfg files supplied with the demo)
  • Basic neuron parameters are fully configurable (please see neuronLibrary.cfg file supplied with the demo)
  • External stimuli now divided in somatosensory, auditory and visual modalities
  • mPSP ('minis') injection now controllable for thalamic and cortical neurons separately
  • Performance improvements of 64-bit build on CPUs with AVX instruction set (Intel Sandy Bridge, AMD Bulldozer)
  • Wireframe and "Box" rendering are significantly faster thanks to the usage of GPU shaders (OpenGL 2.0 is now required)
  • Significantly optimized DSI tracking engine (DSI tracking time cut by factor of 10!)
  • Wireframe renderer is now fully supporting DSI tracts

Download the latest version of SpikeFun (no warranty, use it at your own risk!)

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